Transportation Set Up

The only way into Millinocket was by railroad, other than the water route along the West Branch, or the old Sourdnahunk tote road, so the town asked the county to lay out a road connecting Millinocket with Medway and Mattawamkeag. A bridge was erected over Millinocket Stream, extending Central Street along a familiar trail to Medway, becoming known as Medway Road.

Houses had already been built along the stream, and they formed a basis for State Street and Congress Streets. This neighborhood soon became known as the Flat.

Just east of the bridge, where the town’s first dump was located, Medway Road curved south and downstream behind Little Italy and the town cemetery. It didn’t run straight east to Medway, as it does now, because it was cut off by high sand banks that served as a place of adventure to the town’s children.

Houses and businesses soon cropped up along this road, now known as Old Medway Road, becoming largely a French area. Charles Tapley built a public dwelling there, which included a Chinese laundry and dance hall. After leaving Shack Hill, Mr. Barbien purchased this building, which is now known as the Hotel Terrace.

Where Forest Avenue now curves into Hillcrest Avenue, in the new development, was a neighborhood known as Skunk Hollow. Fairly early in the town’s history, settlers built their homes along a small brook that fed into Millinocket Stream. This area was later burned over, and became a place for blueberries, checkerberries, and wildflowers.

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