The Millinocket Tigers

When it came to sports, baseball was Millinocket’s game. A recreational area was built where I-Care Ministries is now, featuring a baseball diamond, a grandstand, and a large pavilion, extending all the way to Water Street.

The Millinocket Tigers of 1909 earned some fame, being the first team to represent the whole town, playing against neighboring towns. Members of the team were Dick Breen, Ed Donley, Ralph Good, Billy Jones, Jesse Lemeur, Joe Monahan, Harry More, Hammy Ordway, Ralph Pond, and Pete Willey. 

Dr. Cody sponsored the team, and Billy Jones became its manager. Jones was also the star of the Tigers, and went on to play in the majors for the Boston Braves in 1911 and 1912.

By 1910, Millinocket had a population of 5,000, ten miles of streets, a water system, and one of the best sewage systems in the state. It had a bank, a fire station, and four churches. There were 700 students attending two school buildings, plus another that was rented for that purpose.

By then, there were 408 dwellings in town, 26 businesses, a steam laundry, and two opera houses. Apart from the mill itself, there was also a foundry, a sawmill, and two blacksmith shops.

The Great Northern Paper Company itself owned, within the town, the Great Northern Hotel, 17 residences, and several business and residential lots.

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